Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Salu International

Salu International is a well known name in the industry of nutritional products. It has been established with the aim of bringing a revolution in the health and wellness industry. Of late the nutritional products offered by the company namely vital~resV and vital~flex have created a lot buzz. Although these two products are meant to complement each other but they can also be taken separately.

Vital Flex is a pain inhibitor which is made up of anti-inflammatory components; on the other hand vital-resv is an anti-aging product which has been developed after three years of thorough research by team on experts. These two products have played a very important role in strengthening the position of the company. Those who have interacted with the team of scientists for these products are mighty impressed by their work, knowledge and interest.

Salu international offers amazing products which are currently in great demand mainly because of these products are in great demand in the health and wellness industry. Salu international has the best of people working in different departments so that the company is able to perform as well as any leading company in this niche. Salu international is a stable company and this makes it ideal choice for those who are looking for god network marketing opportunities.

Salu international’s work from home income stream has everything that is required to; in fact it is the first company that is offering guaranteed payment to its members which is truly amazing. Before getting into network marketing it is important to understand your performance greatly depends on the quality of products that you select and the general reputation of the company. Since the products offered by Salu international have already created a buzz in the market and the company seems to be quite stable financially there is no reason why one should not consider being the member of the network marketing team of this company.

The compensation plan offered by Salu international is as simple as the company itself and the good thing is that there are many options of income available, you just need to figure out where you fit in best. Your personal income greatly depends on the growth of your Salu business. Every Qualified active SBO is entitled to receive monthly income which has its defined limits. There is a guaranteed minimum monthly income that is given to these members under any circumstances.

Other advantages include rank advancement bonus raging from $1000 to $250,000 plus free and clear car bonus.

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